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Success Stories

We are extremely blessed with fabulous clients. Our clients love to share their experiences, in hope that others will understand that we can help them with similar issues. Why live a life controlled by prescriptions, when other alternatives are available.

"I couldn’t recommend a better, more caring Doctor or staff. Dr. Greg Muchnij has kept me moving pain free for over 2 years now. When I came to My Chiropractor Health and Wellness Center, my pain level was so high, I couldn’t tolerate “traditional chiropractic” with the “popping, cracking, pushing or twisting”. Dr. Greg gently treated me back to pain free living. From my first visit, I experienced relief from severe pain. I am so grateful for Dr. Muchnij and his practice. Patricia, Office Manager and “Insurance Guru” is Awesome! Thank you for all the hours you put into deciphering our Flexable Spending Account and ever changing insurance benefits."

Norma M

Excellent practitioner. Friendly, convenient, honest and gentle. They offer chiropractic, laser therapy, biofeedback, color therapy, massage therapy, psychotherapy, coaching and more… If you’ve been suffering without answer, this is the place to go. I was sick for several years, weak, in pain and mostly bed ridden. Now I live a full life again and can travel, work and enjoy life. No one knew what was wrong with me, but Dr. Greg helped me. Family owned and run. You’ll be treated like a person, not a number. Ask questions, they’re great!

Sara K

I had sudden back pain that was crushing! I called and was seen same day. Super friendly staff. Nice facility. Knowledgable Doctor. I left feeling way better. Look forward to coming back!

Jay D

FOR THE PEOPLE LATINA!!! You’re looking for a good chiropractor??? Here is your solution!!!! The Best!!!

Pilar B

There’s not enough words to really describe how amazing Dr. Greg and Patricia are, but here’s my best attempt. The environment there is warm, welcoming and loving. I start to feel better as I climb the stairs up to the office, knowing the supportive experience that is awaiting me. Checking in and out from the front desk is much smoother than I have experienced at other chiropractors. Patricia does a fantastic job of setting things up in the first few visits so everything runs seamlessly afterwords. I also appreciate the warm welcomes that I receive when I come in. The quality of care that I receive at the front of the business is only exceeded by the quality of the care that I receive on the table from Dr. Greg. I have received regular chiropractic care from another doctor, and was surprised to discover that Dr. Greg was familiar with that style. He then customized the care the he provided me to match what I was used to; the transition was very easy. There seems to be no limits to the ways that your health can be improved at My Chiropractor Health and Wellness. I am very grateful for all they have done for me.

Greg F

Dr. Greg is outstanding… caring, intuitive & excellent in his work. Patricia is a ray of sunshine & contributes greatly to the atmosphere of the practice. My Chiropractor is a place for over all well-being.

Debie F
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